Sunday, February 14, 2016

The checking-out signs

I've written about youth/young adult drop out points and those who leave/are considering leaving the church a significant amount.

Why? Because it happens all too often.

If you hang around a church long enough, other people will leave. Some will leave well, others will not.

Chances are, given enough time, you'll also transition through a church or two.

But the decision to leave is not always an abrupt choice. It comes in stages and with warning signs.

For, before people drop out, they usually start to check out...

They check out financially - they stop giving or purposely redirect their gifts to "certain areas."
They check out intellectually - they stop engaging their mind and go into screen-saver mode during sermons.
They check out relationally - they disconnect from people at church, only engaging in safe small-talk.
They check out emotionally - they stop caring about the vision or the overall well-being of the church.

All these can, and normally do, happen well before someone drops out physically.

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