Saturday, February 27, 2016

Playing out of position

I mentioned in yesterday's Tiny Bible Bit that I don't play guitar.
I also don't play drums.
I also don't lead singing, except for the time I did it here.

But, if I were so inclined, I could put in the time to learn/develop the skills and have certainly been involved in churches where these talents have been, for whatever reason, required.

The problem with that, potentially, would be the time when I cross the imaginary threshold of proficiency when I felt that I could expose my undiscovered talent to the masses.

And then, if I were in a familiar setting, it would appear that I'd be playing out of position.

For, in my church-life, I've be involved in a lot of things.
Music was/is never one of them.

So, would I be a hindering distraction if I suddenly appeared behind the microphone, amplifier or drum kit?

Would my "new position" throw people so much that they would, at least for a while, struggle to connect with God?

Would my irregular involvement put more focus on me than Jesus?

For, over time, we set the expectations of our involvement at church.

For some, it will be musical.
For some, it will be leading the service, praying or preaching.
For some, it will involve pastoral care/support.
For others, it will involve serving unassumingly behind-the-scenes.

Now, with every church or ministry transition, you have the chance to reset the expectations.

Now if I only took drumming, guitar or singing lessons over Summer...

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