Monday, December 22, 2014

Everyone gets a season of extra support

You get a bad diagnosis from the doctor.
A family member dies.
You have a miscarriage.
Your marriage is in trouble.
Work is extra stressful.
Exams feel overwhelming.
You've been fired from a job you loved.
Your long-term partner breaks up with you.
A painful thing from the past has flared up and you're only starting to process it.

Given enough time, everyone has a season when they need extra help and support.

When these times happen, you shouldn't apologise.
This is life.
This is what being in ministry is about - being with people in the good and bad times of life.

BUT, there's an important difference between being in a place of receiving extra support for a season and occupying that space permanently.

The first one is expected. Everyone gets a season. Some more than others.
The second one is unhealthy for all involved.

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