Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Avoiding the knock-out punch

When you know a crisis is coming you're able, to some extent, to shield or prepare yourself for the blow.

But I remember a bloke I went to college with, who did a bit of boxing, saying, in general, it's the punch you don't see coming which knocks you out.

I trust that this is true in boxing.
But I've seen it play our in life and ministry.

When you're able to see a problem on the horizon, generally, you're able to navigate the turbulent time smoother.

But, when a problem appears out of the blue, then you can find yourself floored since you get winded by the punch you don't see coming.

And, herein lies the value of two things...

First, this fits perfectly with my observations last term at youth group where I spoke about making wise decisions and compared life to driving a car. In short, good drivers don't stare blankly at the car ahead and blindly follow. Good drivers have their gaze on the horizon in order to see potential trouble coming. In life, those with wisdom look ahead and consider the future consequences of their actions, not just the next few meters down the road.

Second, older Christians who can not only give an outside perspective, impart warnings from the times they've messed up, but also have the respect and... gumption... to speak up when a younger believer is making, or has made, an unwise decision.

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