Monday, August 18, 2014

Talk from your feet, not your knees

When churches start talking together, people get nervous.

Will there be change?
If so, how will it effect me?
What will happen with "my" ministry staff?
Will they want to sell "our" church building?
Will I be forced to spend time with "those over there"?
Will the finances of "our" church be used in the ways "we" want?

In reality, churches talking together should be a positive thing.

With one catch...
They're not already on their knees.

When churches look at working together BY CHOICE then forward-thinking steps can be made.

Churches, if talking from a position of relative health, will have the resources - financial, personal and energy - to achieve things in partnership which couldn't be done individually and serve those around them in innovative ways.

But, when churches only dialogue once they're in survival mode, then the mindset can quickly slip into damage minimization.

And, unfortunately, the result is a forced union which brings harmful baggage from both parties. 

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