Monday, August 11, 2014

Preachers vs TV sales-people

If you watch any morning show or late-enough time-filler, you'll inevitably encounter a "paid promotion" for anything from food processors, gym equipment, insurance and cleaning products.

Of all the options, the greatest advertorial in history, as I mentioned back in 2010, is for the slap chop. I don't care how good the ShamWow was, how excited Big Kev was or how many free steak knives came with the deal.

A few weeks ago I meet with someone who mentioned, if I decided to use my communicative powers for evil, instead of good, I would be quite effective.

In fact, a few weeks ago I sold pig-shaped cookies for fundraising, with Sunday morning congregants applauding my marketing proficiency and outright shilling of the product.

I suspect I'm not the only church worker who has the gift-of-the-gab.

So, what difference should there be between someone, particularly, who preaches and someone who's the talking head for funeral insurance?

Hopefully, if nothing else, those who preach are less plastic. They don't have a blindingly white smile or perfect diction. 

They actually live out what they profess and are "on show" 24-7.

They share their lives, struggles and failures.

They are less scripted and need to vary their message, instead of rattling off the same dialogue every day.

So, while many who preach might be capable of being good salespeople, what they do when they share the gospel is more than a slick presentation.

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