Sunday, May 4, 2014

How my week breaks down

I don't get asked how I spend my time as much as this guy but occasionally I am asked who I whittle away my week...

Monday - 1 Hour (excluding study)

Normally this is a day off, but currently is taken with study and then a Greek lecture for the second last subject of my Bachelor of Theology.
If I'm preaching on the Sunday, which I do fortnightly, I'll start looking at the passage.
One thing I have to do is the devotion for Tiny Bible Bits.

Tuesday - 4-6 Hours

This is the day I do some basic admin (emails/phone calls) and finishing touches for the week's primary school scripture lessons.
Create the week's to-do list.
If I'm preaching then I'll start the exegetical work this day.
Formally, the middle of this day was occupied with high school scripture lessons.
Occasionally I'll drop by the evening young adult small group/bible study.

Wednesday - 6-9 Hours

Kick off with two scripture lessons followed by a staff meeting.
Do basic admin and produce any promotional notes to be given out that week.
Organize the basic structure for the upcoming Friday, finding or reminding leaders what they will be responsible for.
Send electronic promotions for the youth group.
If not already done, write the talk for youth group and produce the small group questions.
Send small group questions to youth leaders.
If need, finish off the exegetical prep for Sunday.
Do the Tiny Bible Bit.
It won't be unusual to have a meeting (supervision, regional planning, peer support, church council) sometime this day/night.

Thursday - 6-9 Hours

Again, start with two scripture lessons.
Start to plan the scripture lessons for the following week.
Do basic admin including producing the run sheets and PowerPoint for the following day.
Write the Kid's Club talk for tomorrow.
Arrange Sunday morning helpers, activities and write "kid's talk."
By now, any impending sermon should have the outline set on stone and the manuscript drafted.

Friday - 10-13 Hours

Purchase the supper for the evening and anything needed for the day's activities.
Set up the church/hall for Kid's Club.
Do basic admin.
Lead Kid's Club, running an activity and giving the talk.
Set up for youth group.
Have Youth Group, usually giving the talk.
Do the Tiny Bible Bit.

Saturday - 0-2 Hours

Ideally, this is a day off but, depending how I feel about the sermon prep already done, I'll further work on the manuscript and PowerPoint.

Sunday - 10-13 Hours

Morning Church - Usually giving the kid's talk and running activities for the older kids.
Reconfigure the church for the evening service.
Reflect on Friday night, logging what happened and attendance.
Do the PowerPoint for the evening service.
Evening service, which I'll lead/preach.

I an ideal world, my week ranges from 37-53 hours per week.
This year, I've stretched from 29.5 (during school holidays) to 53.5 hours.

You may notice that I don't have any dedicated time set aside for long range projects. That was one thing I appreciated from the article I mentioned earlier. I just slot it in the to-do list and opportunistically see if I get around to it.

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