Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The female attraction

My parent's have never gone to church. Instead, my wanderings into a youth group started by following a girl (it's the start of my "boring" conversion story).

But that fact does have something to do with my following preference.

I would (inserting sweeping generalisations here) rather have a group of all teenage girls then guys.

The reason is fairly simple. Females attract blokes. Guys, generally, deter girls.

Given enough time, a gaggle of ladies will draw in teenage guys, especially if there's a rogue male who's attached to the group. Even if that guy isn't Casanova, then his mates will discover that he's connected to a bunch of the opposite gender and want in.

And whilst I enjoy playing rougher games with guys (one of my favourite afternoons ever comprised hours of two teams whacking a soft ball at each other with rolled-up newspaper), the type of activities which appeal to blokes will not keep females. Especially if she/they are outnumbered.

The best evangelistic strategy any youth group has is a welcoming community of young people whom share an active faith. No doubt.

But a healthy group of teenage girls is a close second.

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