Saturday, May 24, 2014

When you MUST NOT write your own stuff

Earlier this month I wrote here that I write almost all my own curriculum.

Somewhere last week, now trapped in the Internet, I read an article stating the case for using packaged small group studies.

Whilst it made the predicable arguments about time management and critically tested material, I think there's a healthy middle ground.

There's a time when someone in ministry MUST use purchased/external resources.

Eating Disorders.

No matter how long you've been in ministry, when it comes to the above topics, you are not the expert.

Unless you've done extensive research and worked as a counselor, hands on, then you are not an expert.

When it comes to professionally treated issues, no matter how well I know my kids, I'm not an expert and it is responsible for me to refer them onto others (thus the resource folder in my office).

If When we talk to our youth about troubling issues, then we MUST be humble enough to bow to the wisdom and expertise of others.

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