Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When our powers combine...

When our powers combine we are... slightly more efficient!
At least that is the plan.

Yesterday I had a chat to another local youth minister about combining our planning for the last two terms of 2014.

Normally I take my youth group leaders away twice a year in order to plan the next six months. In short, they are awesome.

But they are also expensive.

Too expensive.

For example, at the start of the year, I brought my leaders dinner at the pub, ice-creams/snacks on the way to the afternoon activity and, all up, the weekend ended up costing me a few hundred dollars more than everyone else.

One problem's that my leadership team is now JUST shy of the number needed to break even financially.

So, in a few months I need to expand the warm bodies who'll be in attendance. In theory, this will solve the financial issues.

BUT, the bonus flows from this post about sharing resources and ideas. If two youth groups can hear one another planning talks and activities then they can spitball ideas and, if the other group has done a similar topic, share what did and didn't work previously.

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