Thursday, May 9, 2013

The secret to going home on time

I've been doing this guy's third point in preventing burnout since the computer in the church office, which I use, is slow. Painfully slow.

The software is slow.
The Internet is horribly slow.
If you try and do more than a single task then the computer will have a fit and stall for thirty seconds.

What takes 90 seconds on a "normal" computer takes you 10 minutes in the office.

The simple solution is to bring my laptop to work and use that. No worries.

But this has an additional benefit.

For, right now, I have roughly two hours and thirty minutes. Then that's it.

That's how long it will take for the battery on my laptop to die today.

After that, it will be time to quickly wrap up whatever needs to be done on the church computer (like printing) and head to my Mum's and collect my daughter.

My laptop won't let me work until the wee hours of the night since, in my mind, we both shut down at the same time.

And incredibly... I've been getting home on time.

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