Monday, May 6, 2013

Can you combine flirty, single and in ministry?

I've never been single whilst working for a church.

But it was only by a matter of months.

Sometimes I wonder about single people in ministry and the challenges they must face.

Lately, I've been curious about the process just prior to dating... Flirting.

If you're working at a church, finding yourself attracted to a member of the opposite gender, when do you need to disclose this to someone?
Is there a point where you need to "have a chat about your desire to openly flirt?"
Is there a point where you get "called out" for your flirting?

Undoubtedly there's a line which, when you cross it, you'll need to disclose your desire for "potentially something more."

But... If you're a single person in ministry...
And you don't find someone at beach mission.
Or stumble over your soul mate at bible college.
Or lock eyes with a ministry colleague across a crowded conference room.

Surely the best place to find someone is church and is it reasonable to expect every relationship for the single-and-in-ministry to begin without that clumsy flirting?

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