Monday, May 27, 2013

Ministry options: Youth

Of course, there are loads of ways to "do" ministry with young people. The only thing which limits you is your imagination and child safety requirements.

In my head though, there are really six primary options (which can happen on or off site)...

#1 - Do the typical Friday night youth group with games, food, spiritual input & small groups.

#2 - Do a similar program to number 1, ending with a meal leading into the midweek or evening church service.

#3 - Have your teens meet in gender/school year based small groups with an intentionally high relational temperature.

#4 - Primarily host large events in place of weekly meetings or small groups.

#5 - Do no set activities, but initiate a one-on-one mentoring/elder support program.

#6 - Intentionally have no specialized youth programs (GASP!), but incorporate all ages into your church services.

Or #7 - Combine 1-5..

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