Monday, December 3, 2012

Work Experience Wisdom

I imagined that there would be lengthy times of silence over the last week.

Surprisingly, there wasn't.

In fact, there were nuggets of gold scattered throughout the week. Sure, some snippets of wisdom won't change the world, but nonetheless... here's some of the wisdom dropped over the last seven days whilst I had a work experience student with me...

Sweet Spot - The whole point of the week... No matter what it is... Work to find out what God has designed you to do. Seek out your spiritual gifts and examine the way God has wired your personality. Strive to work in your sweet spot (the spot on a tennis racquet/baseball bat/cricket bat where the ball travels further because you connect in just the right spot).

Eat the dead rat - Even if you find your sweet spot and work in that field, sometimes you'll need to do things you don't want to do. Do them. Some things you need to just suck up.

Margin - Create margin in your life. Give yourself extra time to do things. If you plan everything to the exact second, then you're flirting with disaster. Less margin equals more stress.

Praxis - Think. Act. Reflect. Repeat.

Advice on dating - #1 - When you're going to pick up a female on a date don't beep when you arrive. Don't text from the car. Don't call and have her meet you out front. Knock on the door. Man up and face whomever answers the door.

#2 - Turn your phone off during dates. Don't be shy in announcing that you're giving your date undivided attention.

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