Thursday, December 20, 2012

Whispered exhortations

This past Sunday my church put on a farewell morning tea for me (even though I don't officially leave until the end of the month, they wanted Christmas to be about Jesus!). During my speech I mentioned a common, but wonderful, thing that lurks within churches.

The muttered word of encouragement.

The way it normally works is that a person, usually a part of the grey-haired brigade, pulls you aside quickly and drops a dollop of verbal support. It's not a big deal and it's normally over in an instant.

BUT... This is what made these blokes so great at my home church.

I've previously mentioned that I'll ask every kid how their week was whenever they arrive at a youth event. The payoff usually comes once you've asked the question dozens of times.

For the muttered word of encouragement the payoff ratio is similar.

Most Sunday's the exhortation will be appreciated but not dwelt upon.

But every so often it will be one of the only things which will make you think you're making a difference...

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