Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ministerial interpretation

I have a unique calling.
A special gift.

Ministerial interpretation.

Sometimes it us during a meeting.
Sometimes it is during a church service.
Occasionally it will be required whilst co-facilitating a confirmation course.

For ministers can slip into speaking Christianese.
Ministers can get so excited when describing the mystery of the trinity that they use concepts no one without a theology doctorate can follow.
Clergy can get carried away and flood the room with words in a heartbeat.

And here is where I come in.

I am not shy to ask for a clearer explanation.
I am not shy to stop someone and make sure everyone is on the same track.
I will fall on my sword and fill an awkward silence.
I will swoop in and ask the obvious, just-to-clarify-something-which-we-are-99.9%-sure-we-already-know, question on behalf of the teens.
I will interject a more age appropriate application or translate a dated illustration.

As a youth minister, sometimes I need to be an advocate for those who aren't fluent in the Christian lingo.

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