Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The teacher filter

I've sat through them all.

Disorganised. Confusing. Unfocused. Unengaging. Embarrassing. Cringe worthy. Boring. Bad.

These are some of the words which have gone through my mind while enduring a combined Easter/Christmas/insert-event-here service at a school.

Now... Whilst I've also been a part of and seen some FANTASTIC services, others have been stinkers. 

Sometimes I can't even begin to imagine what the kids are thinking.

But there's another audience member which the organisers of these services must take into account.


Often teachers are witnessing the mess of a combined service and feeling similar things which trot through my mind.

And it hurts the cause of scripture in schools.

I wonder, if those who organise combined services kept the audience at the forefront of their mind (both kids AND adults) then they would improve remarkably.

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