Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mature actions have mature consequences

Today I had my final scripture class for year 10 (they only have it for six months) and concluded the last 30 minutes with no-holds-barred-Q&A.

Unsurprisingly, the conversation turned to sex.

I was asked about teenagers and pre-marital sex with my response similar to what wrote in this post about sex and maturity.

I said, in short, that sex is a mature act with mature consequences.

The government recognises and acknowledges this through the age of consent.

They realise what a teen will not have the foresight to adequately weigh up the long term ramifications of a relatively short action.
With sex, potentially, comes with the very real consequences of pregnancy, STI's and a rising of the relational temperature which teens are not emotionally prepared for.

With this being the case, it makes sense for sex to be expressed in a relationship of life-long commitment, signified through marriage.

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