Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Who should pronounce the announcements?

I've written here that any announcements made during a church service need to hit a significant portion of the congregation.

But the question remains, in an ideal situation, who should give the announcements in church?

I've been in churches where it's been the sole duty of the minister, a job reserved for the elders/"head" greeter or a task for anyone in the congregation who's willing to stand before the microphone.

By far, the later I'd the worst of these options.

Notices, like anything from the front of church, should be well planned and delivered well. 

But, the first option isn't the answer either.


Because, I think the invitation to be involved in an activity is more powerful if it comes from someone, ideally, who is familiar with the ministry and who isn't paid to attend.

Furthermore, this non-clergy delivery method unshackles the minister - who has enough things on his mind prior to the service - from being interrupted by late minute additions to the announcements.

Finally, and more sinisterly, this congregational leader fronted announcements frees the minister from the accusation of favouritism.

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