Monday, April 11, 2016

All falling under the same tag-line

I've worked at numerous churches which have had vision/mission statements or church-wide goals. Sometimes they have been useful and helped define what the church does. Other times they are barely known and have little visible impact on ministry aside from being a footnote on business minutes and the church advertising.

I've also worked at churches which have had ministries with their own separate vision/mission statements or goals.

Ideally, the later shouldn't be needed.

If a church has a dynamic, and importantly, impactful, guiding prose then any ministries within the church should all fall under the same umbrella.

This both sends the message that all ministries of the church are united and, from a youth ministry perspective, greatly advances the chances of a successful transition for young adults to be intergrated into the wider church.

Otherwise, the danger lies in a ministry running in, at best, parallel to the rest of the church and, at worst, travelling in an alternative direction.

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