Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How often to we "read" the stories?

Finding Nemo.
Sleeping Beauty.
Beauty & the Beast.

Each night I "read" my eldest daughter a story before she goes to sleep.

I say "read" because, without seeing the movies or overhearing the audio books, I'd have little familiarity with the actual fables.

Why? Because I've never actually actually read the words from the books. Ever.

Instead, I just describe what's happening in the pictures, roughly piecing the story together.

Most of the time things work out. 
But I've also been throughly lost during the virgin reading of some Disney classics.

I wonder how often we do the same thing with the bible...

How many scripture lessons are planned without actually closely consulting the bible passage?
How many kids talks?
How many youth group addresses?

How many times do we just trust that we're familiar enough with the story to just describe the pictures we've mentally formed?

I know that I've been guilty of it in the past. 

And, like bedtime, usually it worked out.

But, it's the hidden details which we miss, and ultimately rob those we're trying to communicate with since we're only patching the story together in our heads.

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