Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When can the relationship hit refresh?

At a lot of churches, there will be a young chap or lass who, seemingly, systematically dates the entre eligible demographic of the youth group.

I saw it when I was a teen.
I seen it amongst young adults.
I've seen it in the churches I've worked for.

In a way, it makes perfect sense.

Hopefully, Mr/s Lothario Jnr hears and acknowledges the wisdom of Christians dating...
And they want to date...
And there's a source of eligible candidates...
But he's (or she) not mature or compatible enough to maintain the relationship.

But it makes me wonder... When can they get a second chance?

Age, maturity and the nature of the break-up dependent, can you get a second shot in a year? A few years? Five years? Never?

In general, if I'm going to ask someone about the potential of a possible relationship (ie why aren't you too dating???) I'll ask if they've had a romantic history within the last five years.


Because a lot can change over five years, and when it comes to young adults, at least one significant life stage - finish university, move out, securing their first long-term job - has been moved through in half a decade.

Chances are... the person they would date now would be, at least hopefully, dramatically different to the youngster they dated earlier.

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