Saturday, June 6, 2015

How to fight being worn down 1% at a time

1% at a time.
Up or down.

This is what happens to your energy levels.

For, on top of physical, emotional, mental and relational emergencies, long-term routine grinds you down.

Slowly but surely.

This is the cause of burnout.
This is the cause of week-eight-of-school-term tiredness.
This is the cause of week-twelve-of-university-semester exhaustion.
This is the cause of 18-months-without-a-vacation frustration.
This is the root of compassion fatigue.

This is why you need people around you who reinsert life.
This is why you need hobbies which will restore your energy.
This is why God instigated the Sabbath.
This is why you need regular holidays.

For, if you see the right people, do the things you enjoy, take time off and spend time away, then your batteries have a chance stay positively charged.

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