Thursday, February 6, 2014

Input, then output

I just got back from a planning weekend away with the leaders of the youth group and some have wondered why I programmed the days and weekend like I did. 

In short, after breakfast each day, the leaders would look at a bible passage, followed by time alone with God. It was only after this, and the rest of Saturday morning filled with thinking about leadership expectations, that we focused on the actual youth group schedule. 

The reason the weekend was structured this way is simple... Any ministry, or output, you do should be balanced by the amount you are being ministered to, or receiving input.

Not only is it fair, but healthy long term.

In theory, any ministry you do, being done for God in response to what He has done for you and worked in your life, should spring from an overflow of your personal spiritual journey.

This is why my leader's weekends run input-then-output.

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