Monday, February 10, 2014

I want bothersome leaders

At the bottom of any agreement surrounding expectations for leader's within a ministry I think there needs to be a vital condition.

I will tell someone if I'm struggling in any of the above areas so they can support me and help me travel down a productive path.

I like this clause because it opens the door for an important first step in communication. Often, if youth group leaders leave suddenly, it's due to unresolved issues which have been bubbled under the surface.

I would much rather a conversation.
I would much rather hear the issues.
I would much rather struggle ALONGSIDE my leaders then be blindsided by the issue's eruption.

I want leaders who are bothered when they are struggling.
I want leaders who are bothered enough that they will say and do something.
I want leaders, if they have a problem with me or what we are doing on a Friday, to be so bothered that they can, and will, speak up.

I want bothersome leaders.

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