Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The 9 questions to evaluate your leadership development

This is a blog post which could potentially bite me in the ass later in the year... AND be really useful.

For this coming year I've got a great opportunity to develop new and upcoming leaders in the youth and children's ministry at my church.

In order to work out if my leadership and training have been effective there are certain questions which will need to be evaluated...

Do you feel that you were communicated with appropriately?
Were expectations for what you were asked to do clear?
Were you given the physical equipment to effectively do what you're asked to do?
Were you given adequate preparation time?
Could you have used more training in what you were asked to do?
Did you feel supported during all events and activities?
Did you feel protected from unfair or unwarranted criticism?
Did you feel encouraged enough?
Do you thin that we evaluated and implemented change enough?

If these questions were asked at the start and end of every year, like they will be going forward, I suspect a lot of churches would have a far greater perspective on how they are doing in leadership development and care.

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