Thursday, July 11, 2013

The chain of communication

I've had some brillant ideas. Not many, but some.
I've also had some very, very ordinary ideas. Not a lot, but a few.

No matter where on the brilliant-ordinary scale a idea falls, any proposal needs to be put through the same communication filters.

1 - Your Spouse
They are your primary ministry and call the shots on any event and it's wise for them to have final say over ANYTHING in or entering your diary. Surprise events do not equal a pleased life partner...

2 - The Senior Minister
It will not be unusual that your senior minister will have greater ministry experience, and probably, a different feel for the vibe of the church. It is smart to utilise this view from a slightly alternate angle.

Additionally, depending on how your denomination works, it is the senior minister who not only is seen as "calling the shots" but they will take the brunt of the heat if it goes pear-shaped.

3 - Additional Church Staff
We want to avoid conflicts as much as possible. Better yet, we want all our ministries to be working in unison. This only happens if you fly your ideas past the vision and calendar of the other church staff.

4 - Invested parents
Ideally you have a pool of supportive parents who you can call upon. These are vital, again because they view your ministry from a fresh angle, but importantly, they will have the inside word on how your idea will affect family finances and school/sport activities which you may be blind to.

5 - The Church Council
It could be debated that the wider church leadership should come in at number 4. The reason? They call the shots and again, depending on your particular context, are the people who keep you accountable and you directly report to.

6 - Those who it will effect - Parents & kids
Advertising 101. Promote far and wide, pointing to how the change fits into the why-you-do-what-you-do and why this next step is better than staying where you are currently.

7 - The Congregation
Those in the pews pay your wage so tell them what is going on. Hopefully they're not only interested, but with a new announcement, you might reach people who would otherwise be disconnected.

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