Monday, June 17, 2013

The preaching stool

When I changed the structure of the youth ministry at my home church, and my first ministry position, we went to a "normal" Friday night youth group from a school-year-based, midweek, small group structure.

And then it began. I then had to start doing youth group talks alongside the, then, occasional preaching in church.

So one Friday night I got my first.
It was solid, wooden and tri-legged.

Then as I travelled though a few more churches, doing further preaching and getting more comfortable unshackling myself from the lectern and my notes, I went without a regular speaking companion. 

But when I arrived at my current church I got familiar with an oddly shaped, metal, padded, green and quad-legged one.

And, as the weeks went on, I knew we weren't a good match.

So I searched over the church property to find a new one.

Now my current one is a tad wonky, metal, padded, orange and quad-legged.

And over the last few weeks I've been preaching a series on the book of Ruth getting acquainted with my new preaching buddy as we go through the unfolding story.

Because, sometimes when you speak, you need a good sturdy seat underneath you.

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