Saturday, June 8, 2013

Everyone is on you side

I've been a part of some hostile scripture classes, youth groups, kid's clubs, chapel services and seminars.
I've stood in front of teens who have been rude.
I've spoken to high-schoolers who haven't a care for what I'm talking about.

But I've never been heckled during church. At least not openly.
And I'm up the front every week facing people who should expect that I know what I'm doing.

It's undeniable that no one wants someone to give a boring sermon.
Or lead a lifeless service.
Or play bad music.

For no one turns up to be disappointed.

So whenever someone gets up to do something during a church service, no matter the reason, everyone is wishing them well.

We want them to be good.
Not flawless, but good.

Whenever someone leads a service for the first time, or the music, or leads a prayer they need to remember... The sea of faces are not the enemy... They are on your side.

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