Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oldies and change

Over the weekend I had a conversation about change and the elderly since it is no secret that "oldies" have occasionally stood in the way of change.

There are many churches which have thought that God is presenting a way forward... only got the "oldies" to shut it down.

The more I ponder the situation the more I am confused by it.

I openly admit that change can be scary and change can be difficult.
And sure, stability is comfortable and easy.

BUT, those who have been around the longest (the oldies!) have seen the most change!

For a person in their 70's, they have seen the world and the church transform in massive ways; some of it moved forward from their own hands, some of it from the generation after them.

If the elder generations think back and recall the changes they instigated, and the positive advancements that have happened in their churches in the past, then this should transform how they view change.

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