Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pick the low hanging fruit

I want to add something to my list of things-i-would-want-to-do-whenever-i-start-a-new-ministry list.

Pick the low hanging fruit.

Sometimes those in ministry aim too far. They shoot for the stars. There vision is focused on the horizon.

This, of course, isn't a bad thing.

Unless it comes at the cost or oversight of those who are already in reach.

I don't want to forget the teens who are loosely connected to the church or formerly associated with the youth group. I want to send them updates of what is happening. I want to invite them to events. I want them to feel that they are welcomed.

I want to reach out to the kids whose parents come to church, but they are on the fringes.

It seems odd that those "in reach" are sometimes neglected in evangelism and communication efforts. For many churches, the growth (or critical minimum) could be achieved by engaging those who are near, but disconnected.

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Claire said...

I don't know how I feel about this metaphor.