Saturday, February 6, 2010

Signs of a healthy church

I think a healthy church will have three things... weirdos, smokers and confused new people.

Weirdos - I just like somewhere to fit it (kidding!). Seriously... A fundamental desire for all people is a place to fit in. Particularly teenagers. Here a church can have a powerful impact. They can provide a place that gives value to the person God has made you to be. Thus, a healthy church can be characterised by including those who are a little more difficult to love...

Smokers - If a person at church is comfortable enough to smoke, then i take that as a positive. Not the smoking itself, but the display that people there aren't forced to put on the facade of perfection.

Confused new people - This must be a sign of a healthy church. NEW PEOPLE! Especially people who are new to church, not just that particular place of worship. This points to growth through evangelism, not transfer growth.

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