Tuesday, June 7, 2016

When do you ride your hobby horse for the first time?

We all have hobby horses. 

Everyone who sits in the pews...
Everyone who leads a ministry...
Everyone who speaks from a pulpit...

Some people will call it their 'burning passion.'
Others will call it 'the thing you won't shut up about.'

We all have them.

So, when should a minister expose theirs?

As a general rule, when you arrive in a new placement, you should stick to the basics. 
Preach Jesus. 
Don't throw too many controversial bombs in your first few months. 
Build trust.

But, as the months roll on, when do you reveal your hobby horse?
When do you share your 'vision' or 'passion' that 'God has placed upon your heart?'

In short, I'm not 100% sure.

But, I know that your hobby horse shouldn't be your starting point. You start with the foundations upon which your hobby horse rides... The gospel and trust.

Because, without those foundations, people won't care about your opinion or buy into your hobby horse.

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