Sunday, March 13, 2016

Think > Feel > Act

Every so often, due to multiple rugby-induced concussions, I think that I've written about something, when in fact, I can't track it down on my blog anywhere. So, if this sounds eerily familiar, my apologies.

When faced with a situation we usually act based upon our underlying emotional response. Fear... Pride... Love... Compassion... Anger... Insecurity... Friendship...

But our emotional response to a situation usually stems from what we think about the situation. In short, we react due to a truth about the situation which, in turn, guides an emotion.

The trouble is, we tend to respond to someone else's actions from the surface down.

Initially, we wonder why they reacted the way they did...

Sometimes, we'll wonder what emotions triggered that action...

But rarely do we delve into the underlying facts a person believes about what their facing.

And, ironically, if these "truths" are wrestled with openly, then real change and understanding becomes possible.

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