Thursday, March 31, 2016

Charting the next step

Connect with.
Attend an event.
Be included.
Feel a sense of belonging.
Be open to Jesus.
Convert to following Jesus.
Invite others.
Increase commitment.
Attend a church service.
Regularly attend.
Be able to share the gospel message.
Investigate a position of leadership.
Start participating in spiritual disciplines.
Serve at an activity.
Discern what calling God might have in their life.

When ministering to others, there are an endless number of next steps.

The challenge for those in leadership - if in fact they are to lead - is to help identify the next step and start to figure out a pathway to reach it.

Imagine, what would happen if every young person in a church (and older for that matter!) had someone intentionally think about the next step in their spiritual journey - no matter how big or small that may be - with the intention of helping them progress?

Surely, if this happened, our programs would be more focused with the needs of others clearly identified.

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