Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leading the singing

In all my years of going to church I've never sung into a microphone, never mind lead others in singing.

Today I did it.


This was not the plan a week ago.

If I'm honest, the experience was... bearable. Not an activity which I'd long to do again, but not a total disaster.

So... what did I learn?
  • Leading singing is not worship leading. I (to a questionable degree) lead others in when to start and cease singing, but didn't purposely strive to lead people into the presence of God. Here the difference lies.
  • When you lead singing, you need to know the ACTUAL words, not the ones you think you know.
  • Thus, I had to focus on what I was doing much more than I normally would when singing. When leading singing, you need to read the words as they are projected. As a result, this activity has elements of an eye exam.
  • I covered for my weaknesses. The songs we sung were well known. I sung before a bunch of people who were used to singing said songs and the band were awesome, especially the saxophone, which shielded the church from any notes outside my one tone, three note range.
  • The added duty changed, read hindered, the prep I had to do for both services. For the first service, the sermon was under-rehearsed and, as I was set to lead the second service, a clear order of service was under-prepared.
  • Finally, I exposed a skill which, although I suspected I could perform, I never had in the past. Now, potentially, I'm an emergency singing option at church. This was never the plan.

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Paolo Arimado said...

Was this at the KDCEA? I heard about this! :) You have to sing at TAG one day :)