Monday, January 16, 2012

Public prayer spiel

I'll admit...

I listen. Kinda.
I zone out.
I wonder about the choice of words spoken.
I sometimes struggle to personally connect with God during this time.

Of when do I speak?
When someone prays aloud during a church service.

Previously I've written that I'm not a massive fan of liturgy during church services (or at least the effectiveness in how it's usually done) here.

Whilst away at camp I did something slightly different before I lead the teens in prayer.

I encouraged the teens to do more than eavesdrop on my conversation with God.
I encouraged the teens to fight against zoning out.
I encouraged the teens to think about my words as OUR words.
I encouraged the teens to think about this time of prayer as OUR conversation with God.

During the week I gave the intro twice, the first time unplanned, and I think it really helped each time.

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Ronke Adeleke said...

You have a point about the zoning out, it happens to me too!I love your method on getting the teems to concentrate. At my fellowship, they tell you to do it like it's a chore.
P.s-I also have 'ramblings' of my own. it's ronnie's random can check it out if u like, i'd love to knw wat u think.
It's nice to hear what another radical christian has to say, most of the ppl in my fellowship are too rigid.